Baia del Porto Wedding – Fabiola e Giovanni

Baia del Porto Wedding – Fabiola e Giovanni

Baia del Porto Wedding – Fabiola e Giovanni

Baia del Porto Wedding – Fabiola e Giovanni

They look like two people at the first date but they love each other since 14 years!

About a month ago we had an engagement session at sunrise time in the top of Monte Ortobene following the “fenomeno” of the coulds under the top of the moutain. We had such a great experience that I feel like they are old friends and every time they spot the “fenomeno” they send me a photo! I love to come in somebody’s mind through such a beautiful memory!

Two days before the wedding Giovanni organized a real surprise serenade under their balcony. She was alone in their house and suddenly starts hearing the chorus’s voices, she couldn’t believe it. When she looked out of the window she saw 100 people with sparkly light cerebration wainting for her to appear!

Unfortunately I wasn’t there to photograph such a great event but of course I was in the first raw at their wedding day, ready to capture every single moment.

It was a cold rainy day of October but wheater doesn’t matter when two wonderful people as Giovanni and Fabiola are sharing their special day with family and friends.

They got ready together in their house, meeting each other everytime they were crossing it. Ceremony took place in Nuoro’s old twon, afterwards we had a quick walk through santu predu’s narrow streets (which I love deeply) and suddenly we decide to jump into Grazia Deledda’s house which is AMAZING!! I felt blessed to have the right couple in the right place with a perfect couldy day (it was so inspiring to me that I could stay there a week taking photos of them).

About 12:00 we had to run to the location, Baia del Port wedding party was waiting for us!

Fabiola and Giovanni have a “dog-baby”, I mean they love their dog like a baby and this is so well known that in the middle of the meal all their friends disappeared and show up again with a dalmata suit making a big long barking conga!

And this is just the begging of a great wedding party!

I whish you all the best dear Fabiola and Giovanni!

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