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Sardinia Boho chic wedding – Barbara and Davide

  Sardinia Bohochic wedding – Barbara and Davide Amazing elopement in Santa Maria Navarrese – Sardinia Lanthia Resort  


Alternative Wedding in Sardinia – Francesca and Umberto

“In a Manner of speaking I just want to say That I could never forget the way You told me everything By saying nothing” Francesca’s and Umberto’s personalities left me speachless!! You can feel the power of their thoughts in every detail. Alternative, romantic, classy, smart, simple, unique, but over all TRUE. I fell in […]


Perfect wedding in Sardinia – Maurizia and Cenk

Maurizia and Cenk, perfect wedding in Sardinia Wedding Planner Frina  Wedding Sardinia Flowers and Decor Fioreria Daysi


Elena and Nicola, Creative Wedding in Sardinia

Elena and Nicola, creative wedding in Sardinia in a magic island with a spectacular moon! Carloforte – Isola di San Pietro – Sardinia Catering Luigi Pomata Location Residenza A Cova


Love Letter

This baby received, as a present, this sweet love letter: “I would like to give you something that will remind you how much you have been loved, it will remind you of when you were in your mother’s belly, of how your father’s eyes shine when he thinks of you while you play tennis and […]


When we are two we won’t have a half

When we are two we will be wakefulness and sleep we will sink in the same pulp as the milk tooth and its second one, we will be two as the waters are, the fresh and the salty ones, as the skies, of day and night, two as the feet are, the eyes, the kidneys, as the […]


I & A, Honeymoon in Sardinia

I & A, Honeymoon in Sardinia “Thank you so much! – we love the pictures! There are so many emotions in these pictures and watching them reminds us that lovely day in Sardinia and also our honeymoon trip in general…”


Perfect wedding in Sardinia – Chiara e Marco

Sweet, elegant, perfect, romantic, Sardinia, easy going and creative. Those are my words to describe Chiara’s and Marco’s wedding. For sure one of the best weddings of the season, I’m really thankful to have been their photographer. On my website homepage there is a sentence by Annie Leibovitz that says “A thing that you see […]


Gianluca and Chantal – Documentary wedding photographer in Sardinia

I met Gianluca and Chantal 3 years ago, when I photographed Gianluca’s sister’s wedding. After 2 years I met them again when I photographed Gianluca’s brother’s wedding! Yes, this family asked me to be their photographer 3 times! This is for me more than an award in a photography contest. Honestly, I feel very proud […]


Engagement Shooting in Cagliari

When a couple ask me to shoot their engagement session I like to build a path following a theme, as a project. This is very helpful for me to find new locations and to feel inspired while I’m photographing my customers. I proposed to Hilde and Lauritz a theme called “Cagliari’s old places”. The path […]