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WayupNorth 2016

Only 20 days left before the Way up North 2016 in Rome! I really cannot wait for such great event, feed my brain is the best way to start the wedding season. Here some portraits that I shot during the WayupNorth 2015 in Stockholm with my friend (and colleague) Barbara. I met Barbara the first […]


Silvia and Roberto – Storytelling Wedding Photographer Sardinia

These days, weddings are seen by the majority as a day to show off beautiful and expensive wedding dresses and to eat two or three times more that you would on a normal day. Having shot over 150 weddings and having been a Bride myself, I can say that a wedding is not only about […]


Sardinia Same sex wedding

I would like to share with you Valeria and Martina’s wedding that I photographed for the Gaymedwed project. Martina has big brown eyes and long curly hair, while Valeria has shining eyes and a shy cute smile. You can see and feel that they are both big dreamers. On their wedding day the sky was grey and […]


Sardinia Wedding Photographer – Best 2015

This is my last post from my studio in Vico Barcellona. Very sad to leave one of the most beautiful places in Cagliari: la marina! The good news is that from January 2016 I decided to meet all futures brides&grooms at the beach! Yes!! 2015 has been unbelivable. In March my gorgeous beautiful son Samuel […]


Sardinia Engagement Session – Fabiola e Giovanni at sunrise time

Fabiola and Giovanni at the beginning of September sent me a text saying “ hey Francesca, we would like to have an engagement session? What do you think?”. Yes, of course I can do it but if I have the chance to photograph a couple outside their wedding day I love to experiment, I need […]


wedding reportage photographer in sardinia – Paola and Paolo

I would like to share with you the recipe for my ideal couple. Ingredients: Deeply in love Photography lovers Big personality Small ego Love Dispenser Rockers Here a perfect sample: Paola e Paolo. Paola is a sweet little creature, curly hair, big smile, sweet voice and passionate reader. When you speak with her you get […]


Sardinia Experience – Gairo Vecchio – Annett and Sebastian

Annett and Sebastian, adventurous, travelers, curious, interior designers and food lovers. When she told me five months ago that they decided to get married in Baunei (ogliastra) during their trip over sardinia I thought they were looking for the wildest and, in my opinion, interesting part of our Island. Even if they have never been […]


Alghero Sardinia Wedding – Giorgi and Lee

This a very Sweet and talented family that I had the honour to photograph at the beginning of October! Giorgi and Tom’s family and friends arrived in Sardinia in the end of Septermber while the wheateher was going mad!  Suddenly we jumped from a very hot summer to a kind of weird winter! But magically, […]


Baia del Porto Wedding – Fabiola e Giovanni

They look like two people at the first date but they love each other since 14 years! About a month ago we had an engagement session at sunrise time in the top of Monte Ortobene following the “fenomeno” of the coulds under the top of the moutain. We had such a great experience that I […]


Capo Coda Cavallo Wedding – Manuela e Bruno

Capo Coda Cavallo Wedding Today is my last chance to publish on my blog till the 20th October. Tomorrow I’m off to the north of Sardinia for a very sweet wedding between Nuoro and Porto Ottiolu and monday I’ll be on the plane to Stockholm! Yes, on my way to improve and learn from the […]