Gianluca and Chantal – Documentary wedding photographer in Sardinia

Gianluca and Chantal – Documentary wedding photographer in Sardinia

Gianluca and Chantal – Documentary wedding photographer in Sardinia

Gianluca and Chantal – Documentary wedding photographer in Sardinia

I met Gianluca and Chantal 3 years ago, when I photographed Gianluca’s sister’s wedding. After 2 years I met them again when I photographed Gianluca’s brother’s wedding!

Yes, this family asked me to be their photographer 3 times! This is for me more than an award in a photography contest. Honestly, I feel very proud and honored.

At the first time I photographed Gianluca’s parents as they danced with all sons, at the second time I photographed Gianluca and his sister as they danced the Rock’nRoll. Every time I saw their dad crying. But this time I learned a big lesson: who you are depends a lot from where you come from. Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that each of those guys (Carmen, Stefano and Gianluca) are great persons because their mum and dad have been and still are great parents. If you spend and entire day with the Vedele Family you feel loved, welcomed, and you can realize how respectful they are between them.

This is my personal “Vedele” experience.

Olbia wedding makeup bride getting ready sardinia wedding Chantal the dress bride 008-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia details the vale 011-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia the bride walking down the aisle the groom waiting at the altar bride and groom first look the kiss the chorus San Simplicio Olbia the guests attending the ceremony 019-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia the bride cries while pronounce her vow the vow the page boy the rings exchange the best man the ceremony mother of the bride 027-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia the first kiss 029-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 030-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia bridal party crossing swords 033-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia throwing rice 035-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 036-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 037-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 038-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia arriving to the ceremony bride and groom first toast the aperitif the guests at the location aperitif's details 045-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia Bride and groom portrait at Baia del Porto Porto Ottioulu OT bride and groom portrait at sunset time black and white portrait of bride and groom Documentary wedding photographer in Sardinia  051-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia Gianluca and Chantal arrivinf to the beach 053-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 054-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 055-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 056-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 057-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 058-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 059-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 060-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia Baia del Porto resort Porto Ottiolu OT the dinner reportage 063-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia Francesca Floris Documentary wedding photographer in Sardinia cutting the cake wedding party reportage the candy bar wedding party bride and groom first dance - Francesca Floris 070-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 071-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 072-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 073-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 074-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 075-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia 076-documentary-wedding-photographer-in-sardinia the starts that night

Documentary wedding photographer in Sardinia

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