Engagement Session – Daniele e Maria Giovanna

Engagement Session – Daniele e Maria Giovanna

Engagement Session – Daniele e Maria Giovanna

Engagement Session – Daniele e Maria Giovanna

© Francesca Floris Engagement Session


Daniele and Maria Giovanna came to meet me at my studio over a year ago.

We spent the afternoon talking about what they were dreaming about their wedding day shooting.

Since they were going to get married in December, they thought that a winter atmosphere would have been perfect to prepare the wedding invitations for their guests.

We decided to realize their engagement session in the woods nearby my hometown Nuoro.


We carefully checked the weather forecast and choose the date.

Meanwhile I asked help to my precious colleague Donatella in order to arrange the shooting set.

Donatella is a talented and resourceful friend of mine; she runs a business called “Giro di Giostra” and she takes care of all details regarding weddings and outdoor shootings.

She suddenly appeared to be very excited about the idea and after choosing a perfect location she organized a real paradise corner for our couple.


The set was just amazing! For the occasion I also got something a really desired since a very long time: a fog machine.


The shooting went on for few hours and we all had a great time taking pictures while listening good music in the middle of the woods of Monte Ortobene.

We shoot these photos in the end of September while the wedding was scheduled at the beginning of December.


Unfortunately I couldn’t take part of it because my belly grew up too fast and I had to rest and take care of my future baby.



Sardinia-Wedding-Photographer---IMG_0480 Sardinia-Wedding-Photographer---IMG_1082 Sardinia-Wedding-Photographer---IMG_1144 Sardinia-Wedding-Photographer---IMG_1150 Sardinia-Wedding-Photographer---IMG_1153 Sardinia-Wedding-Photographer---IMG_1170 Sardinia-Wedding-Photographer---IMG_12141



Wedding Sardinia – © Francesca Floris

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  1. Rispondi


    dicembre 10, 2019

    complimenti, le foto di Maria Giovanna sono veramente belle…

    • Rispondi

      Francesca Floris

      dicembre 10, 2019

      Grazie Flavia

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