Sardinia Wedding Destination

Sardinia Wedding Destination

Sardinia Wedding Destination

Sardinia Wedding Destination

Misu, from south of Italy (Puglia) and Paolo decided to get married in Sardinia in Galtellì.

She was a very lucky bride as she got ready in a special place “La casa delle dame Pintor” ,  which was the house from the book “Canne al Vento”  popular novel by the Italian author and Nobel Prize winner Grazia Deledda.

I was really ammused by this mix of poetry and mystery, cannot explain the emotion that I felt in this house.

All details were unique as bride and groom are.

Dress from the designer Elisabetta Delogu , really particolar model with an amazing cap. Wedding invitations with a ticket concert shape and a great graphic designed by an art director from Milan called Andrea Tamarindo

The ceremony was celebrated inside a museum called Casa Marras, spectacular scenario with a traditional sardinian choir

After the ceremony , bride and groom with their guests had a great party at S’Ozzastru Agriturismo, wich is a nice local resort in the middle of the sardinian moutains.

If you are thinking on Sardinia as your wedding destination have a look to this gorgeous wedding

Galtelli Galtelli 003-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 004-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination Casa delle dame Pintor Casa delle dame Pintor Casa delle dame Pintor Elisabetta Delogu 009-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 010-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 011-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 012-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination Wedding invitation 014-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 015-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 016-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 017-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 018-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 019-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination Elisabetta Delogu Elisabetta Delogu Elisabetta Delogu 023-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination Elisabetta Delogu 025-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination Casa Marras e il coro 027-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 028-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination Sposarsi in casa Marras - The ceremony 030-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination the rings 032-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 033-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 034-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 035-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination wedding details bride and groom Portrait at S'Ozzastru Dorgali 038-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 039-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination Sardinia Destination Wedding 041-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination Wedding cake the party 044-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 045-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination 046-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-wedding-destination

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