Sardinia Wedding Photographer – Best 2015

Sardinia Wedding Photographer – Best 2015

Sardinia Wedding Photographer – Best 2015

Sardinia Wedding Photographer – Best 2015

This is my last post from my studio in Vico Barcellona. Very sad to leave one of the most beautiful places in Cagliari: la marina! The good news is that from January 2016 I decided to meet all futures brides&grooms at the beach! Yes!!

2015 has been unbelivable.

In March my gorgeous beautiful son Samuel turned 1 year old, we celebrated in my parents cottage. Samuel’s grandmothers did and amazing job organizing the party. They just grabbed some flowers from the fields outside the house and decorated the place in a way that most of the wedding planners need to study and look for inspiration from internet! That day I leanerd the meaning of “less is more”.

When we blowed out the candles on Samuel’s cake, Antonio’s cousin played a Yan Tiersen song (from Amelie movie sound track) with the accordion. This moment has been Magic but nobody filmed it!! Ohh, what a pity, well… I learned how much is important to keep memories! (I’m so sad about that)

In May I went to London for a “real UK” Workshop with Nordica Photography. Tha day I learned a lot! Since then I always ask myself “WHY I’m doing this”.

In June I photographed one of my best friend wedding in Milan, I cried when I saw Genny on her bridal dress but I could keep doing my job concentrated and professionally. That day I learned that I can control my emotions.

In July I photographed an amazing wedding in Pantelleria, and I learned that I can be a mother and a destination wedding photographer, I don’t have to choose!

In October I went to Stockholm to attend the Way Up North 2015 event, and I learned that my job is very important, much more than I thoght and I’ll do always my best to make my customers proud of me.

In December I met my sardinian colleagues Walter MelasLaura Francesconi, Antonio Patta , Mauro Prevete e Chiara Mela at Montiblu for a special Christmas lunch and I learned that they are not competitors, the are a big source of inspiration, friends to talk with and a strong shoulder!

Every end of year I pray God and all his collegues to give me a happy new year at least as much beautiful as the old one. My biggest dream in life are: share moments with the people I love and keep learning new things!

Time to share my favorite photos of the year!

Sardinia Fine art Photographer Creative country wedding in sardinia 004-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna Elisabetta Delogu Bridal Dress Fotografo Matrimonio Cagliari 007-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 008-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna Engagement session Sardinia Sardinia Wedding Photographer 011-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna Pantelleria Wedding Photographer 013-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna Gairo Vecchio 015-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 016-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna Fotografo Matrimonio Cagliari Francesca Floris 018-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 019-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 020-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 021-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 022-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 023-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 024-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna Alghero Wedding photographer Sardinia Reportage Wedding Photographer candid shots wedding photographer 028-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna Su Gologone Wedding 030-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna Milan Wedding Photographer 032-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 033-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 034-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 035-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 037-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 038-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 039-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 040-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 041-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 043-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna Fotografo Matrimonio in Sardegna Francesca Floris engagement session in Sardinia Sardinia Wedding Photographer - Francesca Floris 047-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 048-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 049-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 050-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 051-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna 052-francescafloris-fotofrago-matrimonio-sardegna

Best Wedding Photos 2015 taken by Francesca Floris – Sardinia Wedding Photographer

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