Silvia and Roberto – Storytelling Wedding Photographer Sardinia

Silvia and Roberto – Storytelling Wedding Photographer Sardinia

Silvia and Roberto – Storytelling Wedding Photographer Sardinia

Silvia and Roberto – Storytelling Wedding Photographer Sardinia

These days, weddings are seen by the majority as a day to show off beautiful and expensive wedding dresses and to eat two or three times more that you would on a normal day. Having shot over 150 weddings and having been a Bride myself, I can say that a wedding is not only about outward appearances. I am used to spending the entire day beside the Bride and Groom. I can tell you that the most profound moment of the day is not when the Bride jumps into her dream dress, but when her Dad sees his daughter turn into a real little Bride, when her best friend appears at the door, when she sees her Grandma crying and wishing her all the best. This is LIFE!

Silvia and Roberto’s wedding was the first one that I had shot after attending the wedding summit ‘Way Up North’ in Stockholm last October. Jonas Peterson’s speech for me was like a wake up call! His key word was ‘story’ and the way he explained how important our job is and how important it is to tell the real story of the wedding was for me a great treasure to bring back.

As soon as I arrived at the Church, I saw a hospital bed beside the altar. Perhaps before hearing Jonas’ speech, I would have stayed far from it, hesitant and afraid to disturb, but after his valuable lesson, I understood that if she was there, even on a hospital bed, that meant that she must have been a very important person for the Bride and Groom, so I tried to be discrete and I did my best to photograph Roberto’s Aunt beside them. While I was doing this, I noticed how loved she was that the story of this wedding is that of a big beautiful family that takes care of each other in a very warm way, a family that everybody should have.

PS. I can say that this was one of the most elegant weddings of the season and there was one of the most AMAZING bands that I have ever heard! They played Daft Punk!


Here are some photos:

001-Olbia-wedding-photographer 002-Olbia-wedding-photographer 003-Bride and dad bride getting ready 004-Olbia-wedding-photographer bride with her dad 006-Olbia-wedding-photographer bride arriving to the ceremony 008-Olbia-wedding-photographer bride walking down to the aisle bride's sister singing at the ceremony 011-Olbia-wedding-photographer 012-Bride and Grrom at ceremony Gigi Datome Gigi Datome rings exchange 015-Olbia-wedding-photographer bride and groom first kiss 017-Olbia-wedding-photographer 017-the ceremony 018-Olbia-wedding-photographer grooms man 020-Olbia-wedding-photographer 021-Olbia-wedding-photographer 022-Olbia-wedding-photographer 024-the seremony022-The ceremony 023-Olbia-wedding-photographer 024-Olbia-wedding-photographer  bride greeting the guests 026-Olbia-wedding-photographer 027-Olbia-wedding-photographer bride greeting the guests 028-Olbia-wedding-photographer Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro - sea view aperitif detail 030-Olbia-wedding-photographer Bride and groom toast 032-Olbia-wedding-photographer 033-Olbia-wedding-photographer 034-Olbia-wedding-photographer Gigi Datome 037-Olbia-wedding-photographerthe groom  039-Wedding cake038-Olbia-wedding-photographer the speeches  bride and groom greeting their guests Golfo Aranci sea view Bride and Groom portrait 043- Bride and Groom portrait 043-Olbia-wedding-photographer 044-Olbia-wedding-photographer 046-bride and groom at the beach 046-Olbia-wedding-photographer 047-Olbia-wedding-photographer 049-bride and groom portrait at the beach 049-Olbia-wedding-photographer wedding desserts 051-Olbia-wedding-photographer 052-Olbia-wedding-photographer 053-Olbia-wedding-photographer first dance the band wedding party the bride 058-Olbia-wedding-photographer bride's mum and sister 060-Olbia-wedding-photographer 061-Olbia-wedding-photographer the groom Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro Resort Golfo Aranci - night view


© Francesca Floris Storytelling Wedding Photographer Sardinia

© second shooter Walter Melas

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