When we are two we won’t have a half

When we are two we won’t have a half

When we are two we won’t have a half

When we are two we won’t have a half

When we are two we will be wakefulness and sleep

we will sink in the same pulp

as the milk tooth and its second one,

we will be two as the waters are, the fresh and the salty ones,

as the skies, of day and night,

two as the feet are, the eyes, the kidneys,

as the rhythms of the heartbeat

the breath’s beats.

When we are two we won’t have a half

we will be a two that cannot be devided for anything.

When we are two, no one will be one,

one will equal to no one

and the unit will consist of two.

When we are two

the universe will change name too

it will become diverse.

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