Bryan and Jacopo – Stunning and inspiring gay wedding photos Sardinia – Ceremony at Cagliari’s council and beautiful lunch at Fronte Mare, Poetto beach

Bryan and Jacopo, gay wedding photos Sardinia

When Wedding in Sardinia wp (from Frina Events) asked me to photograph this wedding with Laura Stramacchia, both as main photographer, I though it could be an interesting project and a great opportunity to actualize a gay wedding photography session in Sardinia

Bryan and Jacop, since the first time we met in a skype conference, appeared to us really sensitive, creative and no conventional at all. We fell in love with their personality and desire to be themeselve.

Jacop drew the menu cards and all table details, Bryan choose the most beautiful texture jacket I ever seen , this is what he wrote for a magazine interview:

“outfits for gays are more difficult than any other life choices we could possibly encounter.”

All wedding was really inspiring and I’m really grateful to have shared this day with my friend and colleague Laura Stramacchia

pre wedding session in cagliari 002-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer Alexander Mcqueen wedding suit tHotel room 005-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer getting ready gay wedding sardegna Gucci wedding 009-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 010-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer gay wedding photos Sardinia 012-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer gay wedding photos Sardinia gay wedding photos Sardinia gay wedding photos Sardinia 016-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer Daniela Ducato Him and Him The ceremony at Cagliari city hall gay wedding photos Sardinia the ceremony 022-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 023-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 024-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 025-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer Il fronte mare table details gay wedding photos Sardinia gay wedding photos Sardinia green gay wedding photos Sardinia Francesca Floris gay wedding photos Sardinia Il Poetto di Cagliari gay wedding photos Sardinia 035-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer No conventional samesex wedding 037-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 038-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 039-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer Bryan and Jacopo 041-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer gay wedding photos Sardinia 043-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 044-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 045-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 046-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 047-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer same sex wedding in Sardinia 049-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographer 050-Francesca-Floris-sardinia-same-sex-wedding-photographerin Sardinia



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