Enzo e Benedetta

Enzo and Benedetta are two creative minds from Cagliari. He deals with web design at a Cagliari agency, while she is an architect.

They chose to get married in a unique and authentic setting: the old mill in Olzai.

The historic water mill lies on the outskirts of the village and is surrounded by a beautiful holm oak forest, about 550 metres above sea level. With its fascinating pre-industrial structure, the mill was built in the 1850s when the town was one of the main grain producers, being originally used to process wheat and barley. In 2000, it was acquired by the Municipality, which oversaw its renovation and transformation into a museum. Nowadays, like many museums on the island, the old Olzai mill is one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia for an outdoor wedding. In recent years, the municipal administration has allowed civil ceremonies to be conducted.

The newlyweds arrived in Olzai’s historic centre in the morning and got ready in a lovely little house nestled among the ancient streets of the town. In the afternoon, the ceremony was held outside the mill under a heavy downpour that led the guests to gather affectionately around bride and groom, creating a loving and colourful canopy of umbrellas. As soon as they signed the marriage register, the rain stopped, giving way to an incredible setting. The intense green of the wet forest, the glistening rocks and the old mill giving off steam as it operated, all created a fairy-tale scenery. The newlyweds and their guests continued the celebrations in a museum within the historic centre, where a mouth-watering buffet had been set up alongside a spectacular wedding cake decorated with olive branches.