Eva e Riccardo

Eva and Riccardo came to me through Francesca Fracci’s wedding, which I photographed in December 2016.

As an Event Designer, Francesca Fracci is unconventional, romantic, never saccharine, poetic and refined. Her taste and creativity are a very rich source of inspiration for me.

Eva and Riccardo entrusted her with planning their wedding and the result was amazing. From the wedding invitations, the seating plan, the flower selection, the church through to the table arrangement on the incredible estate among the hills of Rome, all was a crescendo of beauty and poetry.

Eva chose a dress by Elisabetta Delogu in a vintage style with a veil and antique lace.

The ceremony took place in the ancient church of San Giorgio in Velabro, in the centre of Rome. After a short stroll amid the ancient walls to take some photos of the couple alone, we joined the guests on the beautiful Tor de Sordi Estate.

Drinks and canapés were served on the lawn in front of the estate. The splendid view over the hills of Rome acted as a backdrop to the vast array of delicacies. The most interesting aspect was offering of a jar of flavoured salt as a wedding favour. Skilled chefs concocted salt with spices, aromatic powders and wild herbs on the spot, depending on how guests responded to their questions: “Sea or mountain?”, “North or south?”  The result? An excellent condiment for meat or fish, elegantly presented to guests in a glass jar with a lid matching the graphics chosen for the wedding.

Dinner was served outdoors on the right side of the Estate. Strings of lights strung from one end to the other helped to create a romantic canopy. On the tables, lace and books with vintage illustrations and flowers harked back to sweet nostalgic atmospheres.

It began to rain towards the end of the dinner. The newlyweds and their guests quickly moved to the area for the cake, which was adorned with a delightful topper created by the talents of Le Bianche Margherite. Unbridled dancing went on until the wee hours thanks to a fabulous playlist, which among other tracks included Mazzy Star’s stunning “Fade into You”.