Melanie e Perit

If you are looking for a service wedding photography in Porto San Paolo have a look to this amazing pastel color wedding in Costa Smeraldina!

One of my favourites wedding venue in Sardinia is Hotel Ollastu. How important is the location for your photography service? A lot. Photographer needs to inspired by the place, he needs a nice background around the guests, a nice space for group photos and great scenarios for portraits of bride and groom together.

Hotel Ollastu located in Costa Corallina, what I love most of this place is the kindness of the staff.

Inside Hotel Ollastu is warm and elegant outside has a big garden with a very old olve tree, a nice pool and an amazing view of the Island of Tavolara.

Have a look to the beauty of Melanie and Perit’s wedding with pastel color guest dresses!