Elisa e Angelo

Elisa and Angelo got married in September, but we decided to postpone their engagement shoot until one month after the wedding, in October.

It turned out to be an excellent idea for many reasons: the couple were relaxed, rested and still intoxicated by the wonderful day they’d spent in the company of their guests.

On the day of the shoot, we met in the village of Santa Caterina di Pitinurri. From there we continued in a huge off-road vehicle driven by Angelo. The idea was to go into the wild vegetation of Montiferru. I never imagined I’d find myself in this situation in full Indiana Jones style, with rough country roads which were only accessible with a huge vehicle like that. Once we arrived at the point they’d chosen, Angelo cleared the way for us with a machete and slowly but surely we came to an incredible place where we spent a wonderful hour immersed in nature, among tall trees and a spectacular waterfall.

Later we decided to have a change of scene and left for S’Archittu.

The real reason why Elisa had decided to postpone the shoot was because we hoped to find S’Archittu deserted, free from all the people who generally crowd the beach in the summer months. And so it was. We found ourselves before a breathtaking scene.

The sun went down, the light changed from yellow to pink to blue, and we decided to play around a bit with smoke bombs and coloured powders. A therapeutic day, between photos and nature. We said goodbye happily and really curious to see the results of our experiments.

And here they are.



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