Laura e Giancarlo

The pregnancy photo shoot for Laura and Giancarlo was one of the most emotional ones I’ve ever done.

Laura is a great friend and a dear colleague of mine. For her shoot, she chose the beautiful village of Santu Lussurgiu.

It’s very interesting to observe how each woman experiences pregnancy differently: there are those who feel in a state of grace, those who experience it with apprehension, those who feel beautiful and those who don’t accept their body’s transformation.

Giancarlo is a very private person, a creative. He likes art very much and appreciates photography. Although he wasn’t crazy about the idea of being in front of the camera, he agreed to take part in the maternity shoot because he understood it was very important for Laura to preserve a memory of this stage.

We took the first photos in a very warm, intimate environment, one of the rooms at the popular Sas Benas hotel in Santu Lussurgiu. With the first clicks, I immediately felt so much emotion filling the atmosphere, and when Giancarlo embraced Laura, in the silence of the room, it was as if their thoughts had their own voice. That closeness and suddenly bursting into tears was clearly one of those “Oh my God” moments when you realise that a being will soon arrive and change your life forever. The terror of responsibility paralyses you, and the emotion of having a part of you and the person you love brought together in one small independent person makes your heart burst with joy. A mixture of overwhelming feelings. And then again the mystery, and all the questions about what the baby will be like and how we’ll be as parents, not to mention the great leap into the void when you stop being a non-parent.

In light of these reflections, my personal vision of the maternity shoot aims to capture those feelings each individual experiences in a personal way, with their own intimacy which life, however, lets us forget.