Mirko e Valentina

Mirko and Valentina celebrated their wedding with a civil ceremony at the foot of the “Spanish tower” of Santa Maria Navarrese in Ogliastra. Located between the beach and the village, the tower was built around 1591, probably for defensive purposes, and is today one of the most fascinating attractions of the village. For some years now, the municipality of Baunei has made the official celebration of weddings and civil unions possible, giving the opportunity to many newlyweds, both Italian and non-Italian, to celebrate their wedding in an extraordinary location.

The reception took place in the Golgo di Baunei, definitely one of my favourite places! It can be reached via a steep road that starts from the centre of the village. After a few sharp bends, there is a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Arbatax and the mountains of Ogliastra. Once at the top, in just a few square kilometres the Golgo plateau offers numerous attractions, three of the most famous include the beautiful country church of San Pietro, one of the deepest chasms in Europe called “Su Sterru”, an archaeological site with basaltic pools known as ” As Piscinas” and the path that starts from the area called ” Su Porteddu” and leads to the extraordinary Cala Goloritzè (in this area there is a useful campsite for tents and campers that offers excellent steaks!)

Just before the reception, we took a walk inside the “As Piscinas” site. The pools full of water between the rocks and the oaks proved to be a spectacular setting for the newlyweds’ photos. When the light became warmer, we took a few photos near the church of San Pietro, which, with its white façade, gave us an enchanting golden background. The small “cumbissìas” around the church also turned out to be little theatres where you could experience the light coming in through the grilles of the small windows.

The evening meal was held at the restaurant il Golgo, built according to the canons of the typical “cuiles” of the supramonte. The layouts were designed and created by Donatella Ciusa of Giro di Giostra. Inspired by the site, Donatella created a spectacular setting by combining eucalyptus branches, thistles, circles of light and wooden elements to indicate the tables. The chargers on the wedding table were also adorned in the same style.

A wonderful wedding, in a spectacular place with cheerful guests and a strong zest for life.

Getting married on the Golgo di Baunei is the ideal solution for lovers of nature, hiking and beauty.

I have so many beautiful memories of that wedding, one that I cherish above all being the enormous amount of butterflies around us all day long.