Pride Sardegna – Federica e Roberto

When Federica and Roberto booked me she sent me an email that I’ll never forget

“my grandma use to say: choose always with your heart and follow your instinct”

I felt very special!

On the wedding day, after the cerimony, we had about ½ hour to take some photos and then run to the location for the wedding party. Instead of look for the most romantic place in Cagliari, they choose to join the Gay Pride Sardegna in piazza Yenne, which was about to start, and to shout YES to LOVE! It was a very touching moment. After one hour their photo was everywere on the web, every local event facebook page made a post about it, even on TV!

During the party I could see how much their guests were happy to be there, for my experience I can say that this is the key to get great pictures.

Federica and Roberto have the power to make people feel special. They are friends everybody would have beside.

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