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Are you dreaming about a rural wedding in Sardinia? Have a look to this!

“…and he remembered that amongst the ashes, sparks often ignite, the seeds of a luminous and purifying flame, and he hoped, and still loved life.”

This is my wish for Lollove and for Sardinia.

I was born in Nuoro, my mother is from Desulo and my father from Teti, two small villages near Nuoro. Everytime that I photograph a wedding in the middle of Sardinia, the moment that I breathe in that intoxicatingly scented air, my mind goes back to when I was a child. Suddenly I see Desulo’s narrow streets and it’s stone walls, I smell the scent of bread baking, my fingers digging the mud between the stones in those walls. I recall sneaking into old abandoned (and dangerous) houses with my older brother and other kids from the village, it was such an adventure! I clearly remember walking with my Grandpa at the crack of dawn, going to ‘tzita bobore’, his field in Teti where he used to grow all sorts of vegetables and vines. My older brother and I used to spend our time playing with tadpoles in water.

Now that I am 37, I understand the value of a childhood spent in nature, and why at any age, we feel good when we are surrounded by as wild a place as Sardinia. Our minds can rest and our bodies feel regenerated.

When my colleague Antonio Patta and I decided to organise a styled shoot in Lollove, we went first to have a look. As soon as we arrived, I felt a strong mix of emotions. I was completely enthralled by it’s mystery, poetry, silence and history. I started to listed to audio books by Grazia Deledda, some of those novels are inspired by and set in Lollove. Slowly, images started to form in my mind.

A few months ago, we assembled the best ever wedding team! This included Donatella Ciusa’s Giro di Giostra, Egidia Carta & Battistino Menneas’ Montiblu and Teresa Formisa’s Chezi Domi. We discussed the dream of creating a unique and authentic rural wedding in Sardinia.

I’m not good with words but they were very proactive and they immediately understood what we were trying to do. We had the honour to photograph two amazing people, Massimiliano Mele, a nature lover and hiker amongst his many talents, and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful girls from Nuoro, Laura Carrossino. I tried to photograph her in the past, she always said no, but this time, as soon as she heard the word ‘Lollove’, she changed her mind! This is the music of life, when you feel that you belong to a place.

So, here you can see my work and all of the team’s efforts. I really hope that these photos will act like those sparks, igniting the flame of life in the centre of Sardinia, deservedly so.

After what you have glimpsed in the newspapers please allow me to say, “I Lollove you!”

Here the photos: rural wedding in Sardinia


 lollove lollove rural wedding in Sardinia Lollove the vale Zia Badora Piredda rural wedding in Sardinia The bride getting ready 008- lollove Zia Badora Piredda the groom getting ready 011- lollove zia Badora Piredda 013- lollove 014- lollove 015- lollove 016- lollove groom portrait 018- lollove groom portrait 020- lollove 021- lollove 022- lollove the groom the dress Elisabetta Delogu Bridal Designer 026- lollove 027- lollove 028- lollove 029- lollove Elisabetta Delogu Bridal Designer 031- lollove sartoria Pinu 033- lollove 034- lollove 035- lollove 036- lollove 037- lollove the bride's gift the bouquet 040- lollove the first look 042- lollove 043- lollove the ceremony 045- lollove the kiss 047- lollove rural wedding in Sardinia 049- lollove bride portrait 051- lollove bride portrait inside Lollove's houses old lady in lollove making dinner 056- lollove 057- lollove table detail 059- lollove 060- lollove 061- lollove 062- lollove Bridal bread 064- lollove bride and groom in the nature the dinner table 067- lollove 068- lollove 069- lollove 070- lollove 071- lollove 072- lollove



Project name : Rural wedding in Sardinia

With Patrocinio Comune di Nuoro – special thanks to Valeria Romagna

Video Maker Chiara Mela  here you can see her work about Lollove

Wedding planning Giro di Giostra e Montiblu

Catering Montiblu

Make up and Hair dresser Chez Domi

Bridal Dress Elisabetta Delogu

Groom Outfit  Sartoria Pinu

Models Laura Carossino, Massimiliano Mele, Badora Piredda and Battistino Menneas

Location Lollove – special thanks to Annamaria Cicalò

Video Editor Javier Mariscal Ariza

Voice M. Pasqua Murgia / Flavie Prieux

Translations: Sarah Toland and Paolo Berria


Franco Corrias, Giuseppe Corrias, Serafino Menneas, Elias Rubeddu, Luciano Succu, Guerino Manca





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