Sardinian Rustic and Country Chic Wedding – Manola and Michele

Rustic and Country chic Wedding – Manola e Michele

I coudn’t wait to photograph Manola and Michele’s Wedding.

Manola and Michele are my ideal couple, they deeply love each other, easy going, and very smart people.

They decided to get married inside a small Church in the woods, near by Mamoiada. The party took place at Su Ninnieri located 1,200 metres at foot of the highest mountain in Sardinia, surrounded by and amazing view.

Their wedding stylist, Giro di Giostra did an amazing job. I know Donatella since years, but every time I photograph her work I feel lucky and very inspired. She designed and realized decors and details with a Rustic and Country Chic Wedding style. The result was immensely beautiful! Don’t you think so?

Enjoy Manola and Michele’s story of the day.

(Graphic Design: Sabina Era)

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