True Love – Alessandro and Giusi

“The 23rd of May 2015. That’s a date which matters. It’s the day that a Gathia from Lula married a lovely girl from Nuoro, and the Earth’s axis tilted. Though neither they, nor we, knew it.“ cit Thomas Yates

I met Alessandro at school in 1997 and Giusi through my husband’s family in 1996 (family’s friends).

Apparently 2 people from different contexts but a couple of years ago, I don’t know how or where, they fall in love with each others! Wowww!

When they asked me to photograph their wedding I said “NO WAY, I love you but on your wedding day I want to celebrate, eat and dance as a guest! Please don’t ask me to work while everybody is having fun!”

But then I immagined an other photographer taking beautiful pictures of them and I felt jealous!!!! I couldn’t let other people photograph my dear friends!

The day arrived and I felt like a surgeon on his first surgery (shivering inside, brrrr)…But as I stepped inside Giusi’s house I felt home with my family, everything was so sweet and familiar to me.

Giusi looked amazing with her mum’s wedding dress, so romantic!

After the ring exchange Alessandro joined the “Coro di Lula” to sing “No potho reposare”, I cried with them. The way they look each other is magic, you can feel love is in the air, TRUE LOVE!

…rest of the story in the photos… what a wedding!!!!

I love you Alessandro and Giusi!   002-_H3A9294 004-_H3A9321 006-_H3A9334 007-_H3A9339 008-_H3A9341 009-_H3A9353 011-_H3A9404 012-_H3A9418 013-_H3A9443 014-_H3A9468 015-_H3A9479   020-_H3A9819 021-_H3A9839 022-_H3A9874 025-_H3A9993 026-_H3A0163 027-_H3A0192 028-_H3A0224 029-_H3A0241 030-_H3A0275 031-_H3A0302 033-_H3A0380 034-_H3A0409  037-_H3A0514 038-_H3A0549 039-_H3A0624 040-_H3A0702 044-_H3A0794  047-_H3A0826 049-_H3A1102 051-_H3A1180 052-_H3A1189 053-_H3A1209 055-_H3A1288 056-_H3A1311 057-_H3A1336 058-_H3A1366 059-_H3A1378 061-_H3A1405  064-_H3A1476 065-_H3A1485 067-_H3A1497 068-_H3A1626 070-_H3A1715 072-_H3A1742 074-_H3A1777 076-_H3A1876 077-_H3A1904 078-_H3A1913 079-_H3A1944 081-_H3A1965 083-_H3A2221 086-_H3A2445 087-_H3A2535 088-_H3A2550 089-_H3A2555 090-_H3A2563 091-_H3A2573 093-_H3A2595 094-_H3A2615 097-_H3A2658 098-_H3A2712 099-_H3A2721 100-_H3A2770 103-_H3A2844 105-_H3A2864 108-_H3A2943 110-_H3A3103 111-_H3A3120 112-_H3A3125 114-_H3A3186 115-_H3A3208 116-_H3A3229 118-_H3A3276 119-_H3A3287 120-_H3A3324 121-_H3A3612 122-_H3A3952 124-_H3A4427 125-_H3A4598 126-_H3A4877 127-_H3A4917 128-_H3A4932 129-_H3A5011 138-_H3A5273 141-_H3A5343 142-_H3A5345 143-_H3A5353 145-_H3A5357 146-_H3A5375 147-_H3A5974 148-_H3A5995 150-_H3A6002 151-_H3A6040 152-_H3A6128 153-_H3A6202 154-_H3A6233 155-_H3A6335 159-_H3A6434 163-_H3A6505    173-_H3A6577   170-_H3A6549 171-_H3A6550 172-_H3A6555  174-_H3A6596 178-_H3A6712 179-_H3A6760 181-_H3A6827 183-_H3A6885 187-_H3A6953 190-_H3A7035 193-_H3A7105 195-_H3A7164 196-_H3A7178 198-_H3A7242 199-_H3A7275 200-_H3A7563 203-_H3A7598 204-_H3A7643 206-_H3A7722 207-_H3A7856 208-_H3A7987



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