Wedding Photography Sardinia – Melanie and Perit, stunning wedding in Hotel Ollastu. Amazing scenario in Costa Corallina, Sardegna – Italy

© Francesca Floris – Wedding Photography Sardinia

If you are looking for a service wedding photography in Sardinia have a look to this amazing pastel color wedding in Costa Smeraldina!

One of my favourites wedding venue in Sardinia is Hotel Ollastu.How important is the location for your photography service? A lot. Photographer needs to inspired by the place, he needs a nice background around the guests, a nice space for group photos and great scenarios for portraits of bride and groom together.

Hotel Ollastu located in Costa Corallina, what I love most of this place is the kindness of the staff.

Inside Hotel Ollastu is warm and elegant outside has a big garden with a very old olve tree, a nice pool and an amazing view of the Island of Tavolara.

Have a look to the beauty of Melanie and Perit’s wedding with pastel color guest dresses!

Photo Francesca Floris  – Wedding photography in Sardinia

WP – Sara Events

Band Maxinband

Location: Hotel Ollastu wedding venue Sardinia



wedding photography Sardinia Hotel Ollastu Wedding bridemaid 006-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue bride arriving to the garden ceremony at Hotel Ollastu the groom Wedding Photography Sardinia Wedding Photography Sardinia Wedding Photography Sardinia groomsman Wedding Photography Sardinia the ceremony in the beautiful garden of Hotel Ollastu Wedding Photography Sardinia Wedding Photography Sardinia Wedding Photography Sardinia 018-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Hotel Ollastu Sardinia destination wedding Wedding Photography Sardinia Francesca Floris wedding photographer in Sardinia Wedding Photography Sardinia best wedding venue in Sardinia - Hotel Ollastu amazing ceremony ornaments with pastel colours and olive leafs the bride 026-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue the dinner with green decorations on the roof 028-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue amazing pastel color table details Francesca Floris Francesca Floris Fotografa 032-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Wedding Photography Sardinia 034-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 035-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 036-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Wedding Photography Sardinia 038-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Francesca Floris wedding photography sardinia Francesca Floris - best wedding photographer in sardinia Francesca Floris Sardinia Wedding Photographer Hotel Ollastu amazing scenario Paste color wedding in Sardinia 044-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 045-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue the party 047-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue the wedding party 049-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 050-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue table  cake Wedding Photography Sardinia cutting the cake wedding photography sardinia 055-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue wedding photographer in sardegna the groom at the party 058-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Francesca Floris reportage wedding photographer in Sardinia Mixinband 061-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue bride and groom at the party 063-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue bride and groom the party 065-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venuecesura



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