Reportage Matrimonio in Sardegna

Wedding Reportage in Italy | Enrico & Leila

Wedding reportage in Italy

My bride and groom are generally people who do not like to be the centre of attention, their aim is to throw a party for friends and family and share their union with simplicitybeauty and uniquiness.

They are looking for a reportage photo shoot that can tell the story of their wedding in a spontaneous and genuine way. To be able to capture the atmosphere, the poetry of the place and the details they have chosen with intent and care.

Immagini che li riportino indImages that will take them back 20 or 30 years, every time they look at them.

The best way to achieve this is definitely the wedding reportage with a touch of softness and poetryPhotographing people and moments as they happen in spontaneity is not enough, you have to love them, understand them, listen to themThe aim is to create spontaneous and elegant images.

In such cases it is important to know how to become invisible, blending into the environment and being able to wait patiently the right time to catch the atmosphere, the looks, …the gestures.

Enrico & Leila

Enrico and Leila got married in a medieval fortress at the foot of the Gran Sasso in Abruzzo: Il Monastero Santo Spirito

The logo they chose for their wedding depicted a vine leaf for her, a “vine – cultivator” and wine lover, and an oak leaf for him, as a metaphor for their solid and strong bond.

Two people with very clear ideas of what they wanted for their wedding day: a heartfelt and poetic reportage of a day shared with friends and family.

Wedding Reportage in Italy , the bride with her mum

This could be seen in every detail: in the choice of location, in the flowers combined with blackberries, in the “tableau de mariage” dedicated to plants, and in the affection and love they received from those present.

The choice of location: The Monastero Fortezza di Santo Spirito

…where silence ends nature begins to speak 

listen to her, her voice is not loudit

is a breath of wind among the trees,

flapping of wings in the sky,

buzzing of insects among the stones of the monastery

The Monastero Santo Spirito

The choice of location tells a lot about the bride and groom. It is the place that makes them feel comfortable, that I recognise as ideal for welcoming people they love.

I found a lot of consistency between the character of Leila and Enrico and that of Fortress Holy Spirit. An ancient place, impressive because of its geographical location, and its history. As soon as you step through the threshold of the main door, you can feel the atmosphere of an enchanted story.

I asked them why they had chosen it, here is their answer:

We chose the Fortress because we felt that we belonged.
So solemn, romantic, intimate. It sits there high in the mountains, for centuries, but it is sheltered and enjoys a lovely view of part of the Abruzzo region that we love. It’s so simple, but so beautiful. It had no need of decorations. A bit like, perhaps, our bond has always been: 
enduring, simple, authentic

Leila & Enrico

The Essential

One of the most endearing memories I have of this wedding is the speech of one of the groomsmen, and brother of the groom. He had created a list of snapshots, each linked to a specific memory and the history of the bride and groom. A shining example of how the essential can encompass everything in simplicity and elegance with incredible emotional power.

When I finished writing this list, I was moved and remembered that I had also cried that day. It is worth going all the way to the last line.

“The persimmon tree in front of Grandma’s house

Gran Sasso, which is right behind, but especially Majella at night

Scur, ner, par nu mishtèr


The Mont Blanc cake

The red windows of the marketplace

At the Left Youth Congress

The icy water of the Alento

The wooden beams of via Begatto

Working slowly, written on the T-shirt

The House of Vacri

The palm trees of Piazza Cavour

The tables of Montepiano

Le pallotte cacio e ovo

The statue of Empedocles in Agrigento

It reads: they were also before and always will be in infinite time

Greenhouse tomatoes

The fragrance of cooked must

The Afterhours and Baustelle

The Trinity

The burning asphalt of Rome


The concert on the eve of Guardiagrele

The book on breasts and the wilted basil plant

Pizz e foje, sott a lu copp

The pandino with the can cdi

The father, the mother, the embrace and the love of a brother”. 

Leila’s kind words:

“Francesca, the photographer I always wanted! I fell in love with her photography from an article about her and an award she won for “best wedding photographer”. Looking at the shot I chose her instantly, although we had no intention of getting married yet. I kept this desire for a few years until that day came and there she was, in Abruzzo, capturing that moment. It was as if I had always known her. She is professional, introspective, sensitive, sweet, kind and, above all, a great artist! Not to mention the great ease of communication and travel management, which I didn’t have to worry about at all. I will find an excuse to relive one of her photo shoots!


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I Fornitori

Catering: La Bandiera 
Flowers: Floran
Make up: Giuseppe Tamburrini
Hair Dresser : Fabio Rosito
Bride Dress: Marisa Spose (è di Rosa Clara)



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