Capo Coda Cavallo Wedding – Manuela e Bruno

Capo Coda Cavallo Wedding

Today is my last chance to publish on my blog till the 20th October. Tomorrow I’m off to the north of Sardinia for a very sweet wedding between Nuoro and Porto Ottiolu and monday I’ll be on the plane to Stockholm! Yes, on my way to improve and learn from the best wedding photographers in the world at the Way up North! (bit scared about weather, I’m so busy that I didn’t get any warm socks or hat yet… brrr)

I won’t leave before show you one of the best postcard in Sardinia: Capo Coda Cavallo view! Very special location overall with Tavolara dressed in gold at sunset time.

Manuela and Bruno got married in a very old Church named Santa Giusta (Vacileddi) near by Porto San Paolo.

After the ceremony we went back to the belvedere to take few photos., an amazing summer sunset was waiting for us!

See you soon!!


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