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Annett and Sebastian, adventurous, travelers, curious, interior designers and food lovers.

When she told me five months ago that they decided to get married in Baunei (ogliastra) during their trip over sardinia I thought they were looking for the wildest and, in my opinion, interesting part of our Island. Even if they have never been in Sardinia, they chose it because they found a picture on the web of a couple standing in front of a prickly pear and they fell in love with the atmosphere. But the funniest part of the story is that the guy in picture is my parent’s godchild! Sometimes I feel like life is talking to me! You can image my face when Annett sent me the photo!

So, they booked the register office in Baunei and asked me some advise about were to take some photos in a such beautiful place.

A couple of weeks before the wedding I jumped into the car with Samuel, my gorgeous and sweet baby, my mum and dad and I said “let’s go and get inspired in Ogliastra”. We spent five hours driving but it was worth it, the street view from Dorgali to Baunei is one of the most breathtaking scene you can find in Sardinia’s country side.

When Annett and Sebastian came to visit me in my studio to discuss about our day I came out with a crazy idea “let’s go to Gorroppu! Let’s get a jeep and walk for about an hour to reach the canion!” Annett and Sebastian were really fascinated by this “wedding adventure excursion” but thanks god they are a bit more rational than me and they chose the second “softer” option: Gairo vecchio!

Oh, I felt so happy because one of my dream became true, I was waiting since long long time to photograph a couple inside that magic place. When you walk inside Gairo vecchio, well known as an abbandoned place, if you look inside the houses you can see that it’s full of life, the nature is getting back what we borrowed.

Here few lines that Annett sent me last weekend. This kind of feedback makes me deeply happy, I believe that photography is a powerful tool able to capture and keep with us amazing experiences for ever. I coudn’t choose a better life.

“Dear Francesca,

thank you so much for all your wonderful pictures!
It´s just a pleasure to watch all of them, to travel back in time getting the feeling we are still there…
You´ll be on our minds when we talk about our wedding in Sardinia, the very special and mystic time we had in Gairo Vecchio and how you put a special note on our special day!
We love your way to create a story, finding the “red line” and catching different moments from different perspectives – to find you online a few months ago was just perfect!
Keep on doing what you are doing – we really enjoy your work and are very happy that we´ve got to know you!
(One fine day, we´ll come back to Sardinia “knocking on you door” to take more pictures of us – we are already curious, with which idea you are then coming around the corner!!)

All the best for you,
warm regards – also to Walter

Annett & Sebastian

PS: Please say hi to your parents godchild and thanks for the great inspiration!”


baunei Baunei Sardinia Sardinia Country side 031-gairovecchio 032-gairovecchio 033-gairovecchio 034-gairovecchio Gairo Vecchio Sardinia 036-gairovecchio 037-gairovecchio 038-gairovecchio 039-gairovecchio Sardinia Experience 042-gairovecchio 043-gairovecchio Bride and groom in Sardinia Sardinia Country Wedding 046-gairovecchio 047-gairovecchio Sardinia country wedding - Francesca Floris Gairo Vecchio Gairo Vecchio Francesca Floris 051-gairovecchio Bride and Groom in Gairo Vecchio - Francesca Floris 053-gairovecchio 054-gairovecchio 055-gairovecchio 056-gairovecchio



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