wedding reportage photographer in sardinia – Paola and Paolo

I would like to share with you the recipe for my ideal couple.


Deeply in love

Photography lovers

Big personality

Small ego

Love Dispenser


Here a perfect sample: Paola e Paolo.

Paola is a sweet little creature, curly hair, big smile, sweet voice and passionate reader. When you speak with her you get the feeling she is really listening and cares about what you are talking about. I remember our conversation, while she was getting ready, about coming back to Sardinia after have been abroad for a while. Only somebody that had the same experience can understand how painful can be. It’s not just about living in a big city with big buildings and opportunities, it’s overall about the peolple you meet! My flatmates in Dublin were my family. And I could see in Paola’s friend at home somebody very important, a piece of her life in France. Connections between people is the spice of life.

Paolo is a tall creative guy from Mestre, “sardinian for love”, photography passionate and rocker! One day I found a beautiful surprise on my mail box, Paolo and Paola’s wedding card! I can say, one of the best wedding card ever! From the font to the shape&colors, absolutely my cup of tea! That day I had the first taste of their personality, I remember my thought when I opened the letter “ YESSSS!!! This is my target! I can’t wait to know more about this wedding and this couple”. After I found out that Paolo was the art director, he made a great job with all the wedding’s details, I was really impressed!

On the wedding day all my expectations were overcome. Everybody was truly involved, thanks to the small number of guests, Paola and Paolo were able to spend time with each one of them.

Francesco, Paolo’s brother was the key of success, he was a real hug& smiles dispenser, giving us lot of chances to capture spectacular photos.

I could keep talking about this wedding for ages but I prefer to leave the floor to the photos.

PS. as Paolo said about the slideshow on Facebook, turn on the volume!!

Thank you Paola and Paolo for welcoming us as your guests, we felt loved.

001-francescafloris-Alghero Wedding 002-francescafloris-Alghero 003-francescafloris-groom getting ready 004-francescafloris-rings 005-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 006-francescafloris-groom's father 007-francescafloris-bride getting ready 008-francescafloris-bride getting ready with famili and friends 009-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 010-francescafloris-wedding dress 011-francescafloris-bride getting ready 012-francescafloris-first look sardinia 013-francescafloris-first look wedding in sardinia 014-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 015-francescafloris-alghero church 016-francescafloris-santuario di ns di valverde 017-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 018-francescafloris-the ceremony 019-francescafloris-bride and groom during the ceremony 020-francescafloris-guests during the ceremony 021-francescafloris-rings exchange 022-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 023-francescafloris-groom with his brother 024-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 025-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 026-francescafloris-bride and her mother 027-francescafloris-getting out from the church 028-francescafloris-throwing confetti after the ceremony 029-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 030-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 031-francescafloris-tables details 032-francescafloris-sit card sign 033-francescafloris-Agriturismo Sa Mandra Wedding Alghero 034-francescafloris-wedding detail 035-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 036-francescafloris-tableau 037-francescafloris-apertive 038-francescafloris-agriturismo sa mandra 039-francescafloris-bride and groom arriving to the venue 040-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 041-francescafloris-guests 042-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 043-francescafloris-bombonniere 044-francescafloris-bombonniere 045-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 046-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 047-francescafloris-photobooth 048-francescafloris-sa madra detail 049-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 050-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 051-francescafloris-bride and groom having fun during the meal 052-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 053-francescafloris- reportage during the meal 054-francescafloris- wedding reportage photographer in sardinia 055-francescafloris-the speaches 056-francescafloris-toast during the meal 057-francescafloris-groom huging his brother 058-francescafloris-sa mandra agriturismo garden 059-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 060-francescafloris-wedding-cake 061-francescafloris-polaroid photobooth 062-francescafloris-sa mandria garden detail 063-francescafloris-guests 064-francescafloris-cutting the cake 065-francescafloris-bride and groom poetriat at sa sandria 066-francescafloris-bride and groom portrait 067-francescafloris-sa mandria murales 068-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 069-francescafloris-bride and groom at maria pia beach alghero 070-francescafloris-bride and groom portrait at sunset 071-francescafloris-wedding reportage photographer in sardinia 072-francescafloris-Alghero wedding beach 073-francescafloris-bride and groom portrait at Alghero beach 074-francescafloris-dance floor 075-francescafloris-wedding party reportage 076-francescafloris-rock'n roll wedding party 077-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 078-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 079-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 080-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 081-francescafloris-rocker wedding in sardinia 082-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 083-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 084-francescafloris-wedding party reportage 085-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 086-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 087-francescafloris-bride and groom first dance alghero sardinia 088-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage 089-francescafloris-wedding-sardinia-reportage

Wedding reportage Photographer in Sardinia © Francesca Floris and © Laura Francesconi

Venue Agristurismo Sa Mandria




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