Sardinia Engagement Session – Fabiola e Giovanni at sunrise time

Fabiola and Giovanni at the beginning of September sent me a text saying “ hey Francesca, we would like to have an engagement session? What do you think?”. Yes, of course I can do it but if I have the chance to photograph a couple outside their wedding day I love to experiment, I need to create something special! Or at least, I try to push them towards some crazy idea. They usualy chose a middle way between the crazy and the boring option. But in this case I give them only one option: “let’s get some photos in the top of Monte Ortobene (Nuoro – Sardinia) at sunrise time”

(…hoping to get the phenomeno of the coulds).

And their answer was “Wooowwww” this is amazing! Yess”

I was so excited, (actually when I woke up at 5am on that day I thought “ Why I’m doing this to myself, and overall why people don’t stop me when I say bullshit??)

So, we met about 6:30 am, Donatella from Giro di Giostra was so sweet to come with us. As she knows the Monte Ortobene very well, she drove us to the best view we could have.

Once we arrived on the top we realized that our effort was worth it. The view in front of us was spectacular, surreal, breathtaking, magic! We took some photos when the sun was coming up, after we had a little walk with their dog in the middle of the woods and we went back again on the viewpoint to see how the light was changed.

Amazing experience, nature’s beauty can always leave me speachless.

About 8:30 am we went down to city center for breakfast and thanks to Fabiola and Giovanni I had the best cream croissant in Nuoro! (mmmm… need to bring my family there under Christmas!!)

A month later we celebrate their wedding, and this an other story.

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