Sardinia Same sex wedding

I would like to share with you Valeria and Martina’s wedding that I photographed for the Gaymedwed project.

Martina has big brown eyes and long curly hair, while Valeria has shining eyes and a shy cute smile. You can see and feel that they are both big dreamers.

On their wedding day the sky was grey and streets were wet. While they were getting ready in a beautiful house in Villanova (one the most charming places in Cagliari) we were really concerned about the weather. Although the big dark clouds were threatening rain we decided to follow our plan to go to the Calamosca Lighthouse for the ceremony.

As soon as we arrived something magical happened. Rays of sunlight started appearing through the clouds and over the sea, giving us an amazing backdrop! Valeria and Martina joined hands in front of the celebrant Claudia Murroni.

While Claudia was giving her amazing speech, Valeria and Martina were playing with each other’s hands in a way that I could almost feel their heart’s beating. There is nothing more exciting than the connection between lovers.

I share with you Claudia’s speech:

Before joining you in matrimony, I want to quote a passage from his new book ‘You are my life’ by F. Ozpetek

Creating a family, aspiring to a project of life and affection. Giving birth, raising children and being caring parents to them. Having the right to love whomever you love, through good and bad times, not only in secret at home, but in the eyes of the law, in a registry office and in a hospital room. What could be fairer? Why should all of this be denied to those whose only ‘crime’ is that they love a person of the same sex? Why should they have less rights than others? Why should there be only one type of love when many are born, different yet special, every day? Whilst asking this, a beautiful verse by Pablo Neruda comes to mind:

“If you will know how to stay close to me,

and we can still be different…

So it will be Love and waiting so long will not have been in vain.”

With these last beautiful words, it is with great pleasure that I declare you united in matrimony. You may kiss each other to seal your love.

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Sardinia same sex wedding

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