Engagement Shooting in Cagliari

When a couple ask me to shoot their engagement session I like to build a path following a theme, as a project. This is very helpful for me to find new locations and to feel inspired while I’m photographing my customers.

I proposed to Hilde and Lauritz a theme called “Cagliari’s old places”. The path included The Antico Caffe, La Torre dell’Elefante, Castello quarter, The Cathedral, a very old Tree inside Giardini Pubblici, Villanova, Chiostro di San Domenico, Via Manno and some photos in front of an old “casotto” at Poetto beach.

We had a walk through all those places and here the result:

Castello antico caffe wine at Antico caffe Hilde and Lauritz at Antico Caffe 005-hilde-e-lauritz Cagliari Landscape  Hilde and Lauritz Portrait Hilde and Lauritz Engagement shooting in cagliari - Francesca Floris Photographer Hilde and Lauritz in Cagliari Cagliari's Cathedral Cagliari's Cathedral Crypta - Francesca Floris Photographer Cagliari's Cathedral Crypta Hilde and Lauritz at the Cathedral Cagliari - Castello I Giardini Pubblici di Cagliari Old tree at Giardini Pubblici Fine arte portrait in Cagliari fine art engagement shooting in sardinia Hilde and Lauritz engagement portrait in sardinia by Francesca Floris 022-hilde-e-lauritz 023-hilde-e-lauritz Villanova Cagliari Hilde and Lauritz in Villanova Cagliari Chiostro di San Domenico in Cagliari Hilde and Lauritz portrait at Chiostro di San Domenico Cagliari Via Manno street Photography Cagliari Poetto Hilde and Laurit at Poetto reportage photography at poetto cagliari Hilde and Lauritz engagement shooting at Cagliari's beach The Poetto Sunset at Poetto

Engagement Shooting in Cagliari – Sardinia



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  1. Ciao Francesca, di certo loro si amano, ma tu sai cogliere proprio le sfumature migliori, i b&w fantastici. Complimenti

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