Get married in a small italian village, Marco and Giulia and the magic atmosphere of Antica Dimora del Gruccione

Are you dreaming about a charming wedding in a small italian village? Can you see yourself in a warm atmosphere, relaxing place, silence with lot of good food? Well, this is Sardinia!

There are many small villages in Sardinia that could be considered a dream location for a romantic wedding, but there is only a unique venue as Antica Dimora del Gruccione in the middle of the medieval borgo called Santo Lussurgiu. The owner is a amazing lady, she traveled and lived all around the world , you could spend hours listening to her stories and always feel enchanted.

With amazing homemade food, this place hosts the Italian Cooking Accademy!

The ceremony took place inside the wood, surrounded by wilde nature and peaceful silence.

The Antica Dimora del Gruccione hosted their guests with a magic atmosphere created inside the antique court.

This is indeed the right place to get married in small italian village.

My style is cinematic and poetic , I like to capture shadows that are dancing in the walls and people with an interesting light.

Santu Lussurgiu, Italian small village 002-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village Antica Dimora del Gruccione 004-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village wedding stationery by maniche postcards bride getting ready inside Dimora del Gruccione's room the groom amazing hair style with aromatic  decoration by chez domi 009-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village francesca Floris cinematic style 011-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village cinematic wedding photography the bride francesca floris wedding photographer the vail 015-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 016-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 017-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 018-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village Francesca Floris the bride waiting for the groom 021-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village santi lussuria 023-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 024-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 025-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 026-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village the ceremony the rings the ceremony inside the woods 030-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 031-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 032-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 033-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village bride and groom the dinner table 036-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 037-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village antica dimora del gruccione sardinia homemade food 040-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village sardinia homemade food culurgiones the antique kitchen inside antica dimora del gruccione 044-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village bride and groom portrait Romantic wedding photographer amazing atmosphere dinner atmosphere inside the old court details 050-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village table dinner 052-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 053-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 054-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village 055-Francesca-Floris-get-married-in-a-small-italian-village




Wedding Designer Giro di Giostra and Montiblu
Wedding Planners Weddingsardinia
Make up and hairstyle Chez Domi di Teresa Formisano
Celebrant Claudia Murroni
Location Antica Dimora del Gruccione Santu Lussurgiu
Bridal dress Atelier Piras 1953
Groom outfit Sartoria Pinu
Bride and Groom Giulia Nieddu and Marco Usala
Musician Raffaele Mele // Slideshow Music All of you – Lov’n Jazz Quartet
Wedding Stationery Manuche postcards from
Rings Antonello Delogu -Creazioni Antonello – Orodisardegna
Photographer Francesca Floris
Assistant photographer and backstage Laura Francesconi and Laura Stramacchia



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