Hotel Ollastu Wedding Venue Sardinia | Melanie and Perit , stunning pastel color wedding at Hotel Ollastu, Fabulous location in Costa Corallina – Sardinia

One of my favourites wedding venue Sardinia is Hotel Ollastu.

Located in Costa Corallina, what I love most of this place is the kindness of the staff.

Inside Hotel Ollastu is warm and elegant outside has a big garden with a very old olve tree, a nice pool and an amazing view of the Island of Tavolara.

Have a look to the beauty of Melanie and Perit’s wedding with pastel color guest dresses!

Photo Francesca Floris  – Wedding photographer in Sardinia

WP – Sara Events

Band Maxinband

Location: Hotel Ollastu wedding venue Sardinia

Sara Events wedding Planner Hotel Ollastu - bridesmaid Sara Events Wedding planner Hotel Ollastu Wedding bridemaid 007-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue the groom 009-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Francesca Floris Hotel Ollastu 012-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue the ceremony the ceremony 015-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 016-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 017-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 018-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Hotel Ollastu Sardinia destination wedding 020-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Francesca Floris wedding photographer in Sardinia Hotel Ollastu - Sardinia photographer best wedding venue in Sardinia - Hotel Ollastu 024-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 025-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 026-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Sara Events wedding Planner - Francesca Floris 028-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Francesca Floris - wedding venue sardinia Francesca Floris wedding photographer in Sardinia Francesca Floris tavolara island bride and groom arriving to the dinner speeches at the dinner 035-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 036-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue bridesmaid speech Ollastu wedding venue Sardinia 039-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Francesca Floris - best wedding photographer in sardinia Francesca Floris Sardinia Wedding Photographer wedding party Hotel Ollastu 044-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 045-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue the party 047-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue bride singing 049-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 050-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue the cake at Ollastu wedding venue in Sardinia 052-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue cutting the cake first dance 055-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 056-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 057-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue the Maxin band 059-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue Mixinband 061-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 062-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue 063-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue the party 065-Ollastu-Sardinia-destination-wedding-venue




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