Otto Passi

Our company is called Otto Passi, which is the distance between the milking machine and the place where the cheese is made. “

A few months ago I was contacted by a very special couple. She is a lawyer, he is a chemist with 15 years’ experience in the food industry, and they decided to change their lives to make a dream come true.

Rita, the daughter and granddaughter of Fonnese shepherds, together with her husband Paolo and brother Luca, set up the Otto Passi project to produce top-quality cheese in full respect of the animals and the environment.


The Otto Passi farm was created because we want to contribute to the economic and social development of a Sardinia that is open to the world, that gives hope to young people who dream of returning to and fulfilling themselves in their own communities, that recognises skills and rewards agri-food chains that produce healthy, ethical and good products.”

I loved this project so much. I immediately thought it was in line with my services for sponsoring central Sardinia as a destination wedding. In fact, we share the same objective, the sustainable economic development of the island’s inland areas.

Ho passato diverse ore con loro e con le loro pecore, dall’alba al tramonto tra mungiture e pascoli.

I saw the passion and love with which they carry out a noble project, which not only respects the area and enriches it but also gives hope to those who would like to return or to those who would like to realise their dream but feel it is impossible.

A positive experience that I hope will inspire many.

Otto Passi is an ambitious project combining ethics and beauty with sheep farming and its products.

On their website you will find their history and their products.



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