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Italian Wedding Awards – Winner 2021 Wedding Photography

The sixth edition of the Italian Wedding Awards 2021 competition has just ended, and I was lucky and honoured to win the ‘Wedding Photography’ category.

In the questionnaire I received from the judge, in addition to questions about style and training, one of the last ones said:  “Is there anything else you want to tell me to get to know you better?”

I couldn’t help but reply that I am the mother of two wonderful children and that when I returned home after the regional awards ceremony (as well as welcoming me with a warm round of applause), little Federico asked me:

“Mum, when you were awarded the prize, did the presenter say:  the winner is Samuel and Federico’s mother?” 

I replied: “Sure, that’s exactly what he said!”

Behind all this there is a hidden world, of which I feel part. I am referring to self-employed mothers.

You always want to be there for your children, even if you are behind with deliveries, even if there are emails and messages waiting for your reply, even if there are half-finished projects or others that have not even begun.

An endless and exhausting race against time.

The working mother experiences a constant conflict that she has to deal with every day. Even worse when you are your own ‘boss’ and you can’t even say ‘otherwise I’ll get fired’.

This is why I consider the award “Italian Wedding Awards – Winner 2021 Wedding Photography” not only an acknowledgement for all the years of study and research to refine my style, but also a great medal for having managed to find the coveted “Balance between family and work” in terms of time.

Another positive side effect was the demonstrations of affection and kind words from my spouses, who arrived in great numbers to support me.My great wealth!

My biggest thanks go to them because they are the real fuel of the wedding industry.

These are just some of the wonderful dedications received on this occasion:

“The teacher… This is what you hear about her when you mention her name. The empathy he manages to create with his bride and groom is impressive, putting them at ease from the very first shot. You don’t take photographs, you CREATE EMOTIONS that only a clinical eye like yours can see. The magic of light distinguishes his work, but his strong point is the naturalness, the truthfulness of the shots. Thank you for making my wedding and maternity service a beautiful memory printed on paper. You are unique.”

Fabiola and Giovanni

“The skill with which Francesca creates emotions is that of a true artist, as well as an excellent photographer. The play of light and shadow is reminiscent of paintings by the great Caravaggio. Each shot shows great professionalism, mastery of the camera and extreme elegance in style. Each photo awakens all the senses, immersing the viewer in the captured scene. We were lucky enough to meet her and have her as our photographer and she managed to make our wedding service unique.”

Anna Lisa and Gianpiero

“The first time we came across one of Francesca’s shots, we were bewitched by her deep artistic sensitivity and masterful handling of light that turns each of her shots into a work of art. His compositions are natural and harmonious, thanks also to his innate ability to put anyone he portrays at ease.”

Chiara and Yao

“We already knew Francesca because we chose her as our wedding photographer and we knew she wouldn’t let us down because her reputation precedes her. The real surprise, however, came when we asked her to take the photographs to be used for our company’s website. The respect with which he treated our products, the caution he took in thinking about their image and how to enhance them moved us. She entered our project on tiptoe, listened to us expose it and then made it her own, relating it with images and giving it a light that reflects her inner beauty. Francesca is an artist and each of her photos is a work of art. “

Rita and Paolo

… and many others that you can read here:



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