Perfect wedding in Sardinia – Maurizia and Cenk

Maurizia and Cenk, perfect wedding in Sardinia

Wedding Planner Frina  Wedding Sardinia

Flowers and Decor Fioreria Daysi

bride make up beautiful modern bouquet bride's details the bride 005-maurizia-and-cenk bride getting ready 007-maurizia-and-cenk 008-maurizia-and-cenk the dress 010-maurizia-and-cenk 011-maurizia-and-cenk Bride and father bride portrait 014-maurizia-and-cenk 015-maurizia-and-cenk groom waiting for the bride bride arriving to the beach ceremony groom sees the bride first look 020-maurizia-and-cenk vows exchange the rings leaving the ceremony 024-maurizia-and-cenk bride and groom at the beach bride and groom portrait 027-maurizia-and-cenk 028-maurizia-and-cenk reportage wedding in sardinia beach portrait in sardinia Francesca Floris 032-maurizia-and-cenk 033-maurizia-and-cenk the aperitif 035-maurizia-and-cenk wedding dinner 037-maurizia-and-cenk bride and groom first dance 039-maurizia-and-cenk first dance in black and white bride and father first dance 042-maurizia-and-cenk 043-maurizia-and-cenk bride and father cool first dance groom and his mother first dance 046-maurizia-and-cenk the speeches 048-maurizia-and-cenk wedding party 050-maurizia-and-cenk the cake



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