Alternative Wedding in Sardinia – Francesca and Umberto

“In a Manner of speaking
I just want to say
That I could never forget the way
You told me everything
By saying nothing”

Francesca’s and Umberto’s personalities left me speachless!!

You can feel the power of their thoughts in every detail.

Alternative, romantic, classy, smart, simple, unique, but over all TRUE.

I fell in love with them.

Location: Convento di San Giuseppe Cagliari

Bridal designer: Elisabetta Delogu 

Musicians: Tzaccastrada

City Cagliari Sardinia

Alternative Wedding in Sardinia

Castello di Acquafredda Siliqua Alternative and creative Wedding Invitation rabbit on confeti bag bride getting ready 005-Francesca-e-Umberto beautiful light on Francesca while the make up bridal make up 008-Francesca-e-Umberto010-Francesca-e-Umberto    the Bride getting ready 012-Francesca-e-Umberto 013-Francesca-e-Umberto bridal designer Elisabetta Delogu the bride wearing her bridal dress 016-Francesca-e-Umberto first look musicians tzaccastrada arriving to the ceremony at Cagliari Town Hall the ceremony Bride and Groom first kiss the rings bride greeting the guests bride and her mum 025-Francesca-e-Umberto 026-Francesca-e-Umberto confetti time, leaving the ceremony walking out from the town hall  hidden garden in Villanova Cagliari- Bride and Groom Portrait Alternative bride and groom portrait in Sardinia Bride and Groom in the secret garden 032-Francesca-e-Umberto Unique Bride Bride Portrait - Bridal Designer Elisabetta Delogu Bride and Groom walking in Cagliari city Center Cagliari Villanova 037-Francesca-e-Umberto Arriving at the reception Convento di San Giuseppe First toast the aperitif 041-Francesca-e-Umberto Il convento di San Giuseppe Cagliari Table details The meal 045-Francesca-e-Umberto Alternative, creative and romantic wedding cake 047-Francesca-e-Umberto the musicians Tzaccastrada Bride and groom first dance bride and groom dancing 051-Francesca-e-Umberto Bride's ring Amazing and romantic detail Convento di San Giuseppe atmosphere Convento di San Giuseppe at night



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