Sardinia Boho chic wedding – Barbara and Davide


Sardinia Bohochic wedding – Barbara and Davide

Amazing elopement in Santa Maria Navarrese – Sardinia

Lanthia Resort


Santa Maria Navarrese Bride getting ready make up Barbara getting ready 005-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 006-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 007-barbara-e-davide-sardegna bohochic wedding style the groom bohochic bouquet Luca and Davide getting ready for the ceremony bridal make up waiting for the bride 014-barbara-e-davide-sardegna bohochic bouttonniere 016-barbara-e-davide-sardegna getting dress 018-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 019-barbara-e-davide-sardegna bohochic wedding style in sardinia 021-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 022-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 023-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 024-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 025-barbara-e-davide-sardegna old spanish tower in Santa Maria Navarrese Sardinia the bride arriving to the ceremony the ceremony 029-barbara-e-davide-sardegna the rings 031-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 032-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 033-barbara-e-davide-sardegna bride and groom bride portrait 036-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 037-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 038-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 039-barbara-e-davide-sardegna leaving the ceremony 041-barbara-e-davide-sardegna throwing rice bride and groom first groom 044-barbara-e-davide-sardegna Sardinia Boho chic Wedding Style 046-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 047-barbara-e-davide-sardegna Boho Chic Wedding in Saridnia 049-barbara-e-davide-sardegna the bride 051-barbara-e-davide-sardegna 052-barbara-e-davide-sardegna Boho Chic Flower decor arriving to Lanthia Resort Bride portrait at Lanthia Resort Boho Chic Bride - Francesca Floris Photographer The bride at Lanthia in Santa Maria Navarrese Lanthia Resort -


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