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Porto Rafael Wedding – Sardegna | Italy

Ilaria and Jacopo’s wedding in Porto Rafael taught me so much. Even though I had never met them in person, I immediately felt a strong connection. In the months leading up to the wedding, I would occasionally hear from Ilaria, and she added pieces to a puzzle that became increasingly intriguing. I knew a bit about their story, their challenging moments, their sweet gestures, and the places they had chosen for their wedding day. But I could never have imagined what I was called upon to witness.

After a week of unusual cold in the month of August, on September 2nd, the sun was shining brightly. Ilaria’s words echoed in my mind, “Now, color has a great meaning for me.”

A delightful setup in the small harbor of Porto Rafael and a group of very stylish guests armed with red umbrellas awaited the arrival of the bride and groom.

Jacopo and his mother almost ran down the white carpet that led to the wedding arch, encouraged by the cheers of friends and family.

The bride arrived amidst the notes of “Sabor a mi” and the tears of the groom and the guests.

From the officiant’s speech and the vows exchanged by the bride and groom, it was clear that Ilaria and Jacopo had weathered a stormy sea to return to this part of Sardinia where they first met. Everyone present was there to witness the celebration of life, the demonstration that with the right person by your side, you are invincible.

The bridal party

From that moment on, the personalities of these two young people unfolded before my eyes like those movies that take you by surprise. The clichés of the “beautiful Costa Smeralda” were shattered and swept away by cool people holding campaign-style signs like those seen in U.S. elections, with slogans like “Make porcetto great again,” photographed by a Cuban who takes instant photos with an optical bench (with incredible results)!

When high levels of culture and fun-loving spirit inhabit the same body, incredible things happen.

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