Beach wedding Sardinia

Beach Wedding in Sardinia

Jen & Seb

Jen and Seb departed from London with their van to reach Italy, where they organized an unforgettable beach wedding in Sardinia.

Two adorable, talented individuals – she’s a photographer, and he’s a director and cinematographer. They had very clear ideas about the kind of photos they wanted for that day.

Two fantastic people, masters of kindness (I must say it’s the quality I love most in people, hands down). I was particularly enchanted by the positive energy Jen could transmit to everyone around her. Her way of moving and speaking is truly comforting.

That day, I had yet another confirmation of the great value of having a photographer at your wedding. It’s often an underestimated event, snubbed by even the priests who view spending a lot of money on clothing, decorations, and seemingly trivial things like photography negatively. However, on this extraordinary day, unexpected things happen.

On that day, hugs are tighter, kisses are more intense, and laughter is louder. It’s the day when a son or daughter finds the courage to take the microphone and tell everyone how much they love their parents and thank them for everything they’ve done. At Jen and Seb’s wedding, it was the groom’s mother who deeply touched the strings of my heart.

Like all wonderful English weddings, it was time for speeches. She took the microphone and, looking her son in the eyes, spoke about how proud she was of this young man and the journey that brought them to this point.

Beautiful and not so beautiful moments, the difficulties a mother can encounter in raising a teenager when, unfortunately, the father figure is absent. And how wonderful the speech the father would have given today, as he had a great sense of humor. I listened and thought about my husband, who lost his father when he was 16, and that could have been the voice of my mother-in-law who lived the same exact experience. When the speech ended, Seb and his brother stood up to hug their mother. That photo, for me, has immeasurable value. I wished I had it for myself or for my husband.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was held on the beach with burnt orange-themed decorations, expertly arranged by the wedding planner “Wedding Sardinia” in collaboration with Daisy Fioreria.

The Reception

The outdoor dinner took place on the seaside lawn of the Is Morus Relais hotel. Strings of lights and wonderful floral decorations created a magical atmosphere for the guests.”

Francesca was just what we were looking for with our wedding photographer. She was professional and discreet throughout the day, capturing all key elements, including the most important candid moments. She never missed a beat. 

We love her distinct style. Her compositions and creative use of light are beautiful, alongside her dreamy edits. We couldn’t have been happier with the results! 

We are so grateful to have chosen Francesca to capture our special day, and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Jen and Seb

I am truly happy and proud of these words.


WP Wedding Sardinia

Venue Hotel Is Morus

Flowers: Fioreria Daisy

Celebrant : @celebrantinsardinia 

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