Authentic wedding venue in Sardinia

Authentic wedding venue in Sardinia

Sara Eleonora and Andrea, accompanied by their witnesses, have chosen to get ready in an authentic and historic location called Antica Dimora del Gruccione, located in the historic center of Santu Lussurgiu, a medieval village situated in the heart of Sardinia.

The Antica dimora del Gruccione

What fascinates me the most about this village is the almost mystical atmosphere, especially when evening falls, created by the tall stone houses and the lanterns with warm light that illuminate the narrow streets of the historic center.

Choosing the Antica Dimora del Gruccione for the morning of their wedding is like living in a film with an ancient and authentic flavor. There are many things I love about this residence, among the most important is certainly the feeling of being at home. A welcoming and relaxing place, almost enchanted. Every detail makes me dream, from the vintage wallpaper in the rooms to the shadows and reflections created by the light passing through the branches of the fruit trees in the inner courtyard. This residence follows the natural flow of the seasons; depending on the time of the visit, you can find flavors and fruits of that particular time of year. The cuisine is of the highest quality, remarkable also for vegetarians or vegans.

Sara Eleonora got ready in the red room, one of my favorites. From the window, you can see the domes of the historic center, there is a beautiful vintage wallpaper on the walls, and the fireplace adds a touch of warmth. The dress she chose was perfectly in line with the atmosphere, and the cloak with the hood added a fairytale touch.

San Leonardo de Siete Fuentes

The ceremony took place in the ancient church in the woods of San Leonardo in Siete Fuentes. I asked the bride why they chose that place, and she replied:

“Siete Fuentes is a place I often went to with my father as a girl, so I am very fond of it. In this case too, it has always conveyed to me the feeling of being a place suspended in time, a place that guards a secret. Being able to experience the wedding with our dearest friends in these special places, in an enchanted forest for me, was exactly what I wanted. A simple and authentic wedding.”

Sara Eleonora

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