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Sardinia elopement photographer

Being an elopement wedding photographer in Sardinia means not only creating paid services for customers, but also doing location scouting to find new ideas and possible breath-taking settings.

Ogliastra: perfect place to elope in Sardinia for nature lovers

Ogliastra, located in the central eastern part of Sardinia, is one of the most authentic and least spoilt parts of the island.

The architect and wedding planner Adriana Pili has thought out a wedding ceremony near the Gennargentu of Arzana, in the area of Flumini to be exact, where the appearance of the landscape has changed following a terrible flood. In fact, the river has given way to a vast expanse of white stones crossed in winter by small streams that dry up when the heat of summer arrives. It’s amazing how new beauty is created when nature transforms. To get to this part of the mountain, you drive along several kilometres of road that runs between tall trees and pastures inhabited by beautiful brown cows.

This part of Sardinia is definitely one of the most intriguing and fascinating for hikers and nature lovers. When Adriana asked me to participate in the wedding styled shoot as a photographer, I thought that the area was perfect for an elopement photography service and therefore in line with my project of supporting the inland areas of Sardinia through wedding photography.

Sardinia elopement photographer: Aesthetics and concept

For the aesthetics of the service, I was inspired by the beautiful, romantic dress that the designer Fabiola Pinna created exclusively for us.

For this reason, the key word of these images is delicacy:

[der. of delicate]. – 1. a. The quality of what is delicate, finesse, softness, lightness: d. of skinof complexionof coloursd. of a perfumed. of toneof touchof style and the like, in literary works or art. b. In a spiritual sense, kindness, sensitivity, delicacy of feelings or ways: to demonstrate great d. of mindd. to feeldeal with extreme d.; d. of taste (also in an aesthetic sense); 

Delicate images like the poppy petals on the skin, like the shadow made by lace when the light of a spring morning shines through it.

All images ©Francesca Floris  elopement wedding photographer in Sardinia


PLANNING, DESIGN and PRODUCTION: id+ea di Adriana Pili event planner      

PHOTOS: Francesca Floris

BRIDAL DRESS: Fabiola Pinna bridal designer

GROOM DRESS: Sartoria Modolo

FLOWERS DESIGNER: Fiori di Maggio di Antonella Podda   

MAKE UP: Laura Masia MUA 

HAIR STYLIST: Centro Degradè Joelle Arzana


WEDDING RING: Laboratorio orafo Giancarlo Moi courtesy of Oreficeria Pili

VENUE: Sa Domu e Is Ducus, Comune di Ilbono; Flumini – Rio ‘e Forru, Comune di Arzana

MODELS: Roberta Piredda and Salvatore Fenu, Manuela Arras 



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