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Bryan and Jacopo – Stunning and inspiring gay wedding photos Sardinia – Ceremony at Cagliari’s council and beautiful lunch at Fronte Mare, Poetto beach

Bryan and Jacopo, gay wedding photos Sardinia When Wedding in Sardinia wp (from Frina Events) asked me to photograph this wedding with Laura Stramacchia, both as main photographer, I though it could be an interesting project and a great opportunity to actualize a gay wedding photography session in Sardinia Bryan and Jacop, since the first time we met […]


Sardinia Same sex wedding

I would like to share with you Valeria and Martina’s wedding that I photographed for the Gaymedwed project. Martina has big brown eyes and long curly hair, while Valeria has shining eyes and a shy cute smile. You can see and feel that they are both big dreamers. On their wedding day the sky was grey and […]