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Hotel Ollastu | Sardinia destination wedding venue

One of my favourites sardinian destination wedding venue is Hotel Ollastu. Located in Costa Corallina, what I love most of this place is the kindness of the staff. Inside Hotel Ollastu is warm and elegant outside has a big garden with a very old olve tree, a nice pool and an amazing view of the […]


Marie and Toby, wedding in Pula

Marie and Toby, amazing scottish wedding in Pula, Sardinia Location: Corte Noa – Pula    


Sardinia Engagement Session – Fabiola e Giovanni at sunrise time

Fabiola and Giovanni at the beginning of September sent me a text saying “ hey Francesca, we would like to have an engagement session? What do you think?”. Yes, of course I can do it but if I have the chance to photograph a couple outside their wedding day I love to experiment, I need […]


Baia del Porto Wedding – Fabiola e Giovanni

They look like two people at the first date but they love each other since 14 years! About a month ago we had an engagement session at sunrise time in the top of Monte Ortobene following the “fenomeno” of the coulds under the top of the moutain. We had such a great experience that I […]